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Our Tyre Services


New Tyres

We only sell brand new tyres from our reputable suppliers, anything from Budget to Premium brands for Cars, Vans, Trailers, Caravans and Motorhomes. We also supply and fit different tyre types such as Run Flat, Silent, Seal inside, All season, Summer - Winter tyres and tyres for electrical vehicles. Please get in touch to discuss the perfect tyre option for your vehicle.

Wheel balancing

A standard procedure when it comes to fit your new tyre to ensure your driving experience will be smooth.
  • Sometimes you can experience vibration in your car, maybe through the steering wheel on higher speeds, this is a common symptom of poor wheel balancing.

RunFlat tyre repairs

They are designed to keep the tyre’s structure with significantly less pressure and allows you to drive to safety with reduced speed and distance. It can be very difficult to deem the tyre to be safe for a repair and we might advise you to have your tyre replaced.

Faulty valves

This can cause your tyre to deflate over time, we replace standard valves with every new tyre fitted, unless it’s a TPMS valve (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) if you have faulty TPMS valve, we can offer a replacement as we carry these valves as standard to most common vehicles.

Locking wheel nut key

Is a socket to fit into a special wheel bolt to keep you wheel secured, without the key the bolts cannot be removed. Lost or damaged keys can be very frustrating and could stop the technician removing your wheel. They are unique to your vehicle and will need professional assistance. Sometimes overtightened wheel bolts can cause problems, even a standard bolt can be damaged or can result in the locker to break.
We can offer removal of these bolts for most common vehicles, but not all of them, our van is equipped with professional tools and master sets, we would advise you about the best solution.

Puncture repairs

Having a flat tyre can be very frustrating and expensive to replace, in cases we offer minor repairs in compliance of British Standard BS AU 159.
There are many things that can cause your tyre to loose pressure and deflate, for example:
  • an object pierced the tyre
  • uneven wear
  • cuts
  • faulty valve
  • damaged sidewall
  • corroded or damaged rim
In any case a full inspection of your wheel and tyre will be carried out to determine wether your tyre can be repaired, we will advise you upon inspection about the next steps.

Please note that we do not repair silent or seal inside tyres.